Eating Ice Cream with My Fingers – A Fresh Perspective

I am in year 3 of my blog.

In the early days of this blog, there are posts that received little exposer.

I have a new category ‘Reruns – A Fresh Perspective’.  This category reposts these earlier posts that received little exposer and a fresh perspective on how I feel about them today.

This post was originally posted on May 19, 2015 –

Have you ever eaten ice cream with your fingers?

I remember back at a time, maybe 25 years ago, when I was going through one of many rough times in my life.


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This particular time in my life was rough because I was struggling to survive to make ends meet, to move forward.  This particular time in my life was just one of many where I was experiencing life’s bumpy road.  I was going through my divorce and working a job that did not pay well.  I was depressed, alone, paying child support for several kids, trying to pay bills, just trying to survive; and wondering where my next penny was coming from.  During this period of struggle, even though the money was minimal I needed to do something for myself.  I felt I needed to ‘treat’ myself because I did not want to neglect myself, I did not want to neglect my well-being.  I gave myself a ‘treat’ at least once a month.  One month I bought a cheap picture to put on a bare wall in my apartment of little furnishings.  I needed something to look at besides the wall paper.

Another month I decided to buy ice cream as a ‘treat’ for myself – I needed it!  I went to the store and bought the ice cream and was excited and looked forward to the moment of eating it because it was so desired.  As soon as I arrived to my apartment I immediately wanted to eat the ice cream.  But wait!  It occurred to me that I have no silverware; no spoons, no forks, no knifes, nothing.  I had no plates, no bowls, no cups; I had nothing!  My apartment of little furnishings was not going to prevent me from eating the ice cream I desired.  I used my fingers; I used my fingers for as long as I could, until they became cold and I felt they were getting frost bite.  The well desired ice cream was good and I felt good.

I think back at this one moment in time when I wanted something that I felt I needed, desired and deserved.  Even when the tools were not there for me to use, I ate my ice cream anyway.  I will never stop eating ice cream even when it appears sometime will prevent me from doing so.  There is nothing that can stop be from eating my ice cream.


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So, if you do not have the tools to eat your ice cream – don’t let that stop you, there is always another way to eat ice cream.  I know how.

A Fresh Perspective –

Not much has changed with this attitude today.  It is important to treat ourselves and especially when times are tough.  So, no matter the struggle, no matter the time in our life; we should ‘treat’ ourselves, even when we may not have the utensils to do so.


I have mentioned in several previous posts I had a recent consultation appointment with a Radiation Oncologist at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Dr. M. indicates receiving radiation would be a benefit for me prior to the next set of treatments to take place.

What does $3.50 have to do with my health and cancer treatments?  Nothing.

Except, following the visit with my Radiation Oncologist Dr. M., Gary and I needed to make a stop by a bank.


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The bank’s location was in a small shopping plaza and I spotted a Gigi’s Cupcakes shop.  I have never had a Gigi cupcake but had heard they were delicious; I also knew they were most likely expensive as well.

Let me provide you some information.  Gary and I are both retired and we can survive the rest of our lives without the worry of money.  Well Gary being a former comptroller and numbers guy, he counts his pennies.  And that is okay to a certain point.  Over the years, I have learned from him and he has learned from me when comes to matters of money.  But, recent events, specifically my health situation has me changing a little bit when it comes to spending money.

There would have been a time, I would not have paid $3.50 for one cupcake, why would I, when I can get them cheaper at the local grocery store.


Image Provided by: Chicago Tribune

Life is short and on that particular day upon the completion of my appointment with Dr. M., for the first time in a long time I felt a sense of hope; something good in the future that I could look forward to.

I have lost 38lbs. in the last 4 months and I have no idea how long I will be here on this earth.  I might be here for a short couple of years or I may be for another 40+ years.  Because of my health situation and my weight loss and a day where I felt a little celebration was due – I spent $3.50 on one cupcake.

Naturally I gobbled it up without taking a picture of the actual cupcake, I remember it had lots of chocolate, chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles on top.  I could not resist the temptation, it was eaten quickly; though I did take a picture of the box it was in.


My health situation has me changing a little bit when it comes to spending money.  Every once in a while, I spend a little extra money on me and splurge occasionally.

Thank you, Gigi’s Cupcakes, for the excellent cupcake that day, for me it was worth every penny – all 3 hundred and 50 of them.


Several weeks ago, Gary and I went to the movies.  The Naval Air Station Pensacola has its own movie theater and the price is cheaper than your typical movie theaters.  How lucky are we that we have access to recently released movies and at a cheaper cost?

So, we sat off to see ‘Sully’ starring Tom Hanks and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  No review from me – as I would have no idea how to write one – and certainly no spoilers!

When arriving at the movie theater on the Naval Air Station Pensacola, we encountered no crowds and there was no waiting in line at the concession stand.  We bought a soda and popcorn for a bargain that included free refills of both – who gets free refills at the movie theater for soda and popcorn?


Before the movie began, Gary and I were talking about popcorn and I mentioned I remember popping it on the stove in a pot with a lid, then pouring into a brown paper bag.  We would then melt butter on the stove (for you young folks – there were no microwaves when I was young, yes really!), then we would pour the butter into the brown paper bag and shake it to spread the butter on the popcorn.  Gary and I also discussed in our conversation remembering Jiffy-Pop Popcorn.  Who remembers Jiffy-Pop Popcorn and is it still in available for purchase?

Yes, I had to Google Jiffy-Pop and I did receive the following –

People also ask

Do they still make Jiffy Pop popcorn?

It can be hard to find Jiffy Pop in stores, leading some to wonder if Jiffy Pop was discontinued. The good news is that Jiffy Pop is still made. One reason it could be harder to find Jiffy Pop in stores now is that Microwave popcorn has become more common in the home.

Well this makes perfect sense because Jiffy-Pop Popcorn is made from foil and we know what happens with foil in a microwave.  Then I searched popcorn, and received these among the results –

How to Make Perfect Popcorn on the Stovetop

Why Do We Eat Popcorn at the Movies?


Image Provided by:

There is an interesting article titled The Science and History of Popcorn – the Snack that Saved the Movies on the website that has the history of popcorn.

This is my interesting post about movies and popcorn.  I thought this post appropriate because I understand that Thanksgiving Day is historically the day most people go to the movies, followed by Christmas Day.  And Thanksgiving weekend many times sees box office records for movies.  Okay, just for those that want to know, the record holder movie for Thanksgiving weekend was back in 2013.  Any guesses?

Yes, it was Frozen.

And I am guessing on that Thanksgiving weekend in 2013, there was a great amount of popcorn being eaten.

If you are going to the movies this weekend – enjoy, have fun and eat some popcorn!

Oh, I almost forgot, there is also a popcorn song –


You know the nursery rhyme –

Little Miss Muffet

Sat on a tuffet,

Eating her curds and whey;

Along came a spider

Who sat down beside her

And frightened Miss Muffet away. has the following –

A tuffet, pouffe, or hassock is a piece of furniture used as a footstool or low seat. It is distinguished from a stool in that it is completely covered in cloth so that no legs are visible, and is essentially a large hard cushion that may have an internal wooden frame to give it more rigidity.

Do you remember this picture?


It is displayed in my post ‘mushrooms‘.  All the pictures I take are with my smartphone; with some pictures turning out better than I expect compared to others.  I never change the settings on my camera, and depending the time of the day and lights and other conditions out of my control; I just hope for a good picture.  I always take at least 2 pictures of the same subject and sometimes more; my thinking one might turn out better than the other(s).  For a while I was in search of the perfect mushroom or in this case mushrooms for my previously mentioned post.  The great photo almighty knew this and these mushrooms popped up one day right outside of our RV.  Lucky me!

So my usual 2 pictures were taken of the mushrooms.  And when deciding which to use for my mushrooms post, upon further inspection of the 2 pictures, I decided to use the above picture – picture #2.  I had a very good reason, because upon further inspection, picture #1 provided me another post for another day – that would be this post.

I never saw little Miss Muffet sitting on the tuffet eating her curds and whey.  I was going to actually write here ‘Who actually eats curds and whey?’, but I goggled it and come to find out, I do.  Google has the following –

Actually, you’ve probably eaten curds and whey without knowing it. Curds and whey are actually the lumps and liquid found in cottage cheese. If you didn’t know, cottage cheese is made from skim milk.

Back to my story –

Along came a spider and sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away.  This is most likely the reason for me not seeing little Miss Muffet, because I did see the spider.

That spider decided to photobomb my picture!

Google has the following –


a photograph that has been spoiled by the unexpected appearance of an unintended subject in the camera’s field of view as the picture was taken.

It is okay little spider; you did not spoil my photo; after all you gave me another idea for a post.

Here is my picture #1.  Do you see the spider that frightened Miss Muffet away?


I zoomed in, do you see it now?


There he or she is – I was photobombed!

Bacon Grease


When it comes to adding flavor and richness to your cooking, there’s little better than bacon fat. As a bonus, you are required to cook and eat bacon before getting to the grease; a task we are more than happy to tackle. But before you start sizzling, there are a few things you need to know about rendering it right, storing it, and cooking with it.


For those chefs out there, sorry if I ruin your future cooking endeavors using bacon grease.

In my post ‘The lab experiment‘, I wrote the following –

My oncologist Dr. D. is out of the country and I was seen this week by another oncologist in the same office.  The appointment was then proceeded by my 2nd week of chemo yesterday.  Next week will be my 3rd week of the cycle and therefore I will take a week off before starting the next cycle.  My oncologist Dr. D. will be back starting my 2nd cycle of chemotherapy.

In today’s post, I write the following –

This week involved no doctor’s appointments, no procedures, no hospitals and no chemo; it was vacation week.  Because I have a drain and tube sutured to my back and connected to my right kidney, I require daily care to ensure the area stays sterile and the tube is free from blockage.  I have a home health professional that visits me daily to flush the tube and ensure the area with the tube is stable and healthy.

With these visits, the only events associated with my health; it made for a nice week.

The immediate days following my 2nd chemo session were not too bad as I am handling the chemo better than expected and hope this trend continues.  The nausea is kept to a minimum, basically non-existent; to a great relieve for me.  I am fatigued the immediate days following my chemotherapy treatment requiring me to be less active than I would like to be.

I am seeing some changes to my body, though small, they are obvious to me, but most likely not to others.  I see small bruising to my skin that I would never had seen before unless I received a high impact hit of sorts.  No, just a small bump and some bruising is created.  Then there are the dry feet; yes, the skin on my feet are very dry, causing some flaking, why is this?  After each shower, there is the small but noticeable hair on the floor of the shower.   I know there will be thinning of hair and the possibility of total hair loss; I have no problem with losing my hair as I keep it short to begin with.

One interesting side effect of the chemotherapy is a couple of days after my treatment, my hands feel greasy; not oily but greasy.  They have the feeling of me taking them and rubbing bacon grease all over them, greasy bacon grease.  Very strange feeling and I constantly wash them thinking the ‘grease’ will be removed, but to no avail.


Image Provided by:

So my week with no doctor’s appointments, no procedures, no hospitals and no chemo is coming to an end and next week we begin again another cycle.  Another cycle of certainties and expected results.

The routine of cycles is in progress, the moving forward to a healthier me continues and I get to look forward to my hands feeling like bacon grease.

Spatula Man

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.

Spatula Man2


Spatula Man –

The man, the spatula; what was being hidden from the world?

It was another ordinary football game, just another event, all were there ready for the eats.  They were waiting for him to finish the burgers and hotdogs as the big game was taking place.  It is the third quarter and 3rd down and 12.  What was the next play going to be?  A pass seemed to be the obvious choice, but could it be a different play instead?

But wait the burgers and hotdogs; when was spatula man going to be finish?  As the crowd grew louder in anticipation of the play so did the hungry people surrounding spatula man.  The play begins and spatula man turns around raises his metal spatula and motions to the crowd, what comes next will go down in the history books.

The play turns into a run, and the quarterback runs 60 yards for the touchdown and the team explodes with cheers as the crowd noise is overwhelming the stadium.  But what about spatula man, what happen, what would become of him?

That day in history as spatula man turned and motioned to the crowd, the picture was taken and his life changed forever.  He became known as the greatest living hunk of all time and starred in countless movies and won countless awards and retired in his later years living in an RV and traveling and exploring.

The man, the spatula: what was being hidden from the world?