This past Monday, I had surgery.  Prior to the surgery, when I scheduled my posts for this week, I had no idea how my recovery would be going.  I felt I would need all week for some recovery before I would post about my status.  My plan is to update you on how I am feeling and the status of my recovery in the next few days.

For today,

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.


Thimblerig –

The day had come for the big Thimblerig tournament and the participants were prepared for most anything.  The peas, small balls, shells, cups and bottle caps were brought with excitement as the contestants eagerly awaited their turn.  There was that one that always has something different and to the amazement of the other participants and audience, that something different would surprise them all.

That something different had them laying down their money for a return in profit to retire them all.

It was that one’s turn and the time had arrived that no one saw coming.

There was no sleight of hand or psychological tricks; only skill, mastery and a large crane.

The game ended and the swindle was cracked open wide with the “Sharp” moving quickly on to find new “Flats”.

The profit was no more and the crowd was stunned.


I will be in ICU for a couple of days and then the recovery begins.  

I appreciate everyone taking the time to stop by, read and leave many wonderful comments.  Due to my surgery and not knowing how I will be feeling; I am disabling the comments on my post today.  I need a few days of recovery and to grow accustom to the new me.  But know soon I will have comments enabled and I will be ready to respond to each one of them. 

Yes, yes, I know!

Yes, yes, I know!

But I needed a break from the new normal.

Yes, yes, I know!

But months have gone by since the last visit.

Yes, yes, I know!

Gary and I visited a nearby casino.

Yes, yes, I know!

The white blood count is back up; I am feeling better and off we went.

Yes, yes, I know – I am in the process of chemo and easily can get an infection, especially from a casino.

The hands where washed more times during the casino trip then in the past month.

Yes, yes, I know – we enjoyed our trip to the casino.

Spatula Man

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.

Spatula Man2


Spatula Man –

The man, the spatula; what was being hidden from the world?

It was another ordinary football game, just another event, all were there ready for the eats.  They were waiting for him to finish the burgers and hotdogs as the big game was taking place.  It is the third quarter and 3rd down and 12.  What was the next play going to be?  A pass seemed to be the obvious choice, but could it be a different play instead?

But wait the burgers and hotdogs; when was spatula man going to be finish?  As the crowd grew louder in anticipation of the play so did the hungry people surrounding spatula man.  The play begins and spatula man turns around raises his metal spatula and motions to the crowd, what comes next will go down in the history books.

The play turns into a run, and the quarterback runs 60 yards for the touchdown and the team explodes with cheers as the crowd noise is overwhelming the stadium.  But what about spatula man, what happen, what would become of him?

That day in history as spatula man turned and motioned to the crowd, the picture was taken and his life changed forever.  He became known as the greatest living hunk of all time and starred in countless movies and won countless awards and retired in his later years living in an RV and traveling and exploring.

The man, the spatula: what was being hidden from the world?