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Who knows Brian from Bonnywood Manor?

If you have not visited his blog, please do so – you will not be disappointed.

So, why am I mentioning Brian and his blog in this post?  Well you see, I leave comments on other’s blog posts and I truly appreciate the communication that takes place with these comments and the comments left on my blog posts.  I do not always leave a comment, but many times I do.  There was a post Brian published titled ’10 More Signs That Your Body Just Isn’t What It Used To Be’.


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I read this post and could relate to it, so I left the following comment –

LOL, so very funny & true. I can relate to many of these Brian.

Brian responded with this comment –

Terry, I honestly hesitated before posting this, wondering if you might find it a bit offensive that I would be whining about such things when you have a much more challenging situation, but I knew in the end you would be fine with it. We’re both here to help others get through the bigs and the smalls by trying to find the humor and the shared humanity in both. Hope you’re doing well…

I responded with the following comment –

You are a good man, and please don’t ever hesitate on posting because of what I or others might think. I always find humor and laughter here on your blog – it helps me a great deal. Yes, we are here to help others – thanks friend – Happy Friday.

When visiting Brian’s blog, I laugh a lot, I mean where I am holding my belly and laughing.  I have to hold my belly right now because I continue to be a little sore from surgery.  But the laughing is good for me and is great medicine for recovery.


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My friends, I am not offended by much and I appreciate we have a platform here to express our thoughts.

Brian’s sensitivity toward me and my struggles shows what a good man he is.  Thank you Brian and others for writing, posting and publishing your thoughts.  As Brian indicated in his response comment ‘We’re both here to help others get through the bigs and the smalls by trying to find the humor and the shared humanity in both.

I read many posts by other bloggers and find many different emotions from them.

And many of them I find the humor.

Happy Tuesday

It is not just Valentine’s Day‘, is a post I published a year ago today and it started with the following –


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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, hope your day is a special one.

Today is a very special day for me, not only is it Valentine’s Day, it is also the birthday of my son #2.

He was born on this special day 32 years ago weighing in at 9lbs and 12 ½oz.  Yes, he was a big boy!

In today’s post, I write the following –

Yes, it is son #2’s birthday again – Happy 33rd Birthday Son

Yes, it is Valentine’s Day – Happy Valentine’s Day

For those that do not have a birthday today or celebrate Valentine’s Day –


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Happy Year

Today 1 year ago, my post started with the following –

Happy New Year Everyone!

As I start this New Year, I first wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of you that read my blog.  When I started this a little over 7 months ago I really had no idea where it would take me.  Really I was at a point where I was not doing much in my life.  At that time I knew my extreme Christmas decorating was not going to take place, so I had time on my hands to do something else.  And with me retired and not working, I have time on my hands.  So, what should I do?  I have always had the idea of writing a book about my life, I felt for me that was important.  But, deep inside I knew that would most likely not occur as I consider myself not a writer – I do not know where to start in writing a book.

So there I was last year with time on my hands and wondering what I should be doing with my time.  I could start a blog about me and my life; and that is what I did.  Would anyone read my blog about me and my life?  Would anyone really care about those things in my life that brought me to here today and a new year?  But I am not a writer; would people read and criticize my writing?  Should I expose the true me and everything about me?


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In today’s post, I write the following –

Happy 2017 Everyone!

The first day of 2016, I had no knowledge of what that year would bring.

The first day of 2017, I have some knowledge of what this year will bring.

I never write words that are not the truth and I never pretend to be something I am not.

This blog, my blog is about me and my life; my thinking, my emotions, my feelings, my experiences, and events that shape me.

I am privileged to have a platform to write and express me.

I am privileged to have a platform to read and comprehend you.

I write often ‘I appreciate you’, ‘Happy Day’ in posts and comments.

I do not have other words to describe my feelings for you who read my posts.

I will never have words that exactly describe my feelings for the support I receive here.

My wish is each of you have a year full happiness and whatever the journey you are on, that you never give up hope.

I will continue to write and post and I certainly will never give up hope.

I appreciate you, truly I do – happy year my friends.


…just listen

…just listen


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Just listen to my words, they have purpose, they have a way with them in describing someone, something, an occurrence, an event, a moment, a feeling, an emotion.

I do not want judgement, I do not desire compassion, I do not need understanding.  Just hear, just listen to the words.  I want to be a better person and to have a better life.  Just listen to my words.

I just need to express, I need to let out, I need to put the information out there and get it out of my head.  Let it be express and let the words be read.  This is my mind, my complex thinking of many thoughts and many emotions; and though it may be complicated, sometimes simple, sometimes difficult to understand and to comprehend, to calculate.

It is sane and happy many times, but other times can be insane and unhappy.


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Am I different from everyone else – just like everyone else is different from me?

This is my life…just listen to my words.

…just listen


My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.



It was the usual trek home after a night of working the neighborhood.  The journey back to the home was slow this morning as the tiredness from the previous night’s events were beginning to take its toll.  The fences seem higher this morning and not as easy to maneuver.  With the breeze blowing oh so lightly and the coolness of the air made for a relaxing stroll.  But the tiredness kept its grip and increased with each small step.  The home base seemed forever in the future to arrive and the trek started becoming slow.

The slowness and tiredness were interrupted by the noise that came from below!  That creature again, why is it there and what is its intentions?  The journey stopped and played the ever so popular game to not gain additional attention – but to no avail.   For the creature’s noise had alerted them again and the search had begun.

As the motionless was instilled with the journey no longer the event, there came the alerted one.  The noise stopped and the alerted one became interested and the tiredness that was once now was alert.  Then slightly the turn and the look –


Choosing Happiness

In my post ‘Get Over It‘, I began with the following –

I really want to be happy!

In today’s post, I begin with the following –

I am happy, I am becoming happier, I am choosing happiness!

From my previous mentioned post, a fellow blogger Lynne from LYNNE’S RECIPE TRAILS responded with the following comment –

Oh Terry, this is such a deep and complex subject, and very real. For me, I am a firm believer of Choice. The way we choose to conduct our life, each and every day, is all about the choice we make. Each moment of our life is a choice, which too can bring happiness or unhappiness to ourselves, the people around us and our loved ones. But, in saying that, we all are human, we all are going to ‘have those days’. The good thing is, to recognize those ‘off’ days or moments and as you say ‘get over it’. Wishing you a happy weekend.

I appreciate all the comments and Lynne’s comment is no exception.  Her comment resonated with me and I literally took it to heart – I am choosing happiness!  Throughout my day when I am feeling stress, I think about Lynne’s words – I choose happiness!  When I am in a bad mood, I think about I can choose happiness.  I am trying to use this to help myself to be a better person each and every day.

Lynne also wrote the following comment on my post ‘Struggling is part of the process’ –

I hear what you are saying…and it is difficult. For me sometimes, it feels as though I am not fully happy, and I wonder why, as I should be… almost as though I am not fully fulfilled, or something, but then I tell myself, this is life, and it is up to me to make the most of it, so I keep on trying, I think the key is to keep on trying.

Again I appreciate Lynne’s comments.  As you have come to know more about me, I have come to know more about you.  There are many of us in this world who relate to each other’s lives because of similar feelings, thinking, events and experiences.  There are many of you I have come to know and appreciate your understanding, your support, your comments and especially your friendship.

Lynne, you didn’t realize until now, what an impact you have on me and my life.  Your comments make a difference and for this I am grateful and want to extend my warmest thank you.

PHAIN (the H is silent)

In my post ‘Get Over It’, I wrote the following –


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The last several weeks, events have occurred and my thinking has changed.  I no longer am feeling the unhappiness I felt and have put into place a reminder to myself how to be happy even when those aches and pains are present.  In future weeks I will post about these events of the past weeks and the reminder to myself each and every day to be happy.

In today’s post, I write the following –

The reminder to myself each and every day to be happy is –

PHAIN – (the H is silent)


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From, I found information about Irish Genealogy records for the surname PHAIN in Co. Armagh.

How does this relate to this post?  Nothing!  I thought I had created a new word, but instead someone else is already using it, my tuff luck!  Anyway I really am not using this as a word but instead as an acronym.

P – Patience,

H – Happiness,

A – and

I – in the moment

N – now.

You see my subconscious mind thinks, reacts, and functions subconsciously.  When I was a young man and going through my decade + of therapy to overcome a major depression, I learned to reprogram my subconscious.  I still do this today as this is the method for me to change and become a better person.  When I was born, my mind was already pre-programmed, then the conscious me as a young child added to that programming that then resulted in a defective mind.  I did this by telling myself I was stupid, a mistake, worthless and nobody cared.  Anything that is defective needs to be fixed or replaced and this is what I did and continue to do today.

So, as my re-programming continues, I have to remind my subconscious with reminders from my conscious.  But honestly I am forgetful; therefore my conscious forgets to remind my subconscious.  What can I use to remind my conscious to remind my subconscious to re-program?  Okay, I got it!

I ask myself “What do you feel on a daily basis?”  I reply to myself “Pain”.  That is correct; I experience pain every day in my shoulders and back and sometimes in the arms and neck.  Can this pain remind my conscious to remind my subconscious to re-program?  I think so!

Pain – how can I use this as an acronym?  P – Patience, A – and, I – in the moment, N – now.  But what about happiness, I need happiness in there somewhere.

So when I feel pain in my back or shoulders or arms or neck or a combination of all of them, I recite the acronym ‘PHAIN.’ (the H is silent)


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Yes, the pain I feel on a daily bases is a great reminder not only to remind my conscious to remind my sub-conscious to re-program, but also is a great reminder to have patience, happiness and in the moment now.