Hallmark – I can’t help it


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A year ago this month in my post ‘Christmas Movies‘, I wrote the following –

Okay, I admit it – I am a sucker for those made for TV Christmas movies!

Do you know what I am referring to?

The Lifetime Channel Christmas movies –

Holiday Switch, Holiday Baggage, Christmas on Chestnut Street, A Very Married Christmas, Nothing Like The Holidays, All She Wants For Christmas, Holly’s Holiday, Home By Christmas, and the list goes on.

The Hallmark Channel Christmas movies –

A Royal Christmas, The Christmas Ornament, Moonlight And Mistletoe, A Coral Christmas, Love’s Christmas Journey, Naughty Or Nice, The National Tree, and the list goes on.


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In today’s post, I write the following –

Okay, I admit it – I am still a sucker for those made for TV Christmas movies!

As I did last year, I am watching those made for TV Christmas movies again this year!

I can’t help it, I must watch these movies this time of year and started watching them before Halloween.  I watch several each week including the following –

My Christmas Dream, The Mistletoe Promise, Christmas Cookies, A December Bride, Broadcasting Christmas, Love You Like Christmas, My Christmas Love, and the list goes on.


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huffingtonpost.com article 11 Reasons to Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies includes the following –

I wanted something sweet when I have given up sweets. Can one get cavities from watching TV?

I wanted romance. I have written a few things down for my husband that seem to work in these movies. Like one must go ice skating and fall down. No problem there. Apparently lying about your identity is also very romantic. I’ve tried to tell my husband I’m Nigella Lawson, but no spectacular gifts seem to be arriving addressed to “Nigella.”

I wanted to see the real meaning of Christmas. I do love how these movies just make me think everyone loves each other. Really. You just have to wait until Christmas.

I wanted to feel connected to humanity. At least, I’d like to be connected to Hallmark Humanity. These are nice people. They give you cookies and hot cocoa and show up at your house at all hours of the day and night to make sure you’re okay.

I wanted to uncomplicate life. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Hallmark town? You either work in a coffee shop, a gift shop, play Santa or get the promotion of your dreams. And every town has a cute skating rink and Christmas carolers.


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The article list more reasons to watch these movies and if you are interested, just click the link above.

For me the reason I watch these movies – these holiday movies make me happy and fill my heart with joy.


Several weeks ago, Gary and I went to the movies.  The Naval Air Station Pensacola has its own movie theater and the price is cheaper than your typical movie theaters.  How lucky are we that we have access to recently released movies and at a cheaper cost?

So, we sat off to see ‘Sully’ starring Tom Hanks and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  No review from me – as I would have no idea how to write one – and certainly no spoilers!

When arriving at the movie theater on the Naval Air Station Pensacola, we encountered no crowds and there was no waiting in line at the concession stand.  We bought a soda and popcorn for a bargain that included free refills of both – who gets free refills at the movie theater for soda and popcorn?


Before the movie began, Gary and I were talking about popcorn and I mentioned I remember popping it on the stove in a pot with a lid, then pouring into a brown paper bag.  We would then melt butter on the stove (for you young folks – there were no microwaves when I was young, yes really!), then we would pour the butter into the brown paper bag and shake it to spread the butter on the popcorn.  Gary and I also discussed in our conversation remembering Jiffy-Pop Popcorn.  Who remembers Jiffy-Pop Popcorn and is it still in available for purchase?

Yes, I had to Google Jiffy-Pop and I did receive the following –

People also ask

Do they still make Jiffy Pop popcorn?

It can be hard to find Jiffy Pop in stores, leading some to wonder if Jiffy Pop was discontinued. The good news is that Jiffy Pop is still made. One reason it could be harder to find Jiffy Pop in stores now is that Microwave popcorn has become more common in the home.

Well this makes perfect sense because Jiffy-Pop Popcorn is made from foil and we know what happens with foil in a microwave.  Then I searched popcorn, and received these among the results –

How to Make Perfect Popcorn on the Stovetop

Why Do We Eat Popcorn at the Movies?


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There is an interesting article titled The Science and History of Popcorn – the Snack that Saved the Movies on the filmmakeriq.com website that has the history of popcorn.

This is my interesting post about movies and popcorn.  I thought this post appropriate because I understand that Thanksgiving Day is historically the day most people go to the movies, followed by Christmas Day.  And Thanksgiving weekend many times sees box office records for movies.  Okay, just for those that want to know, the record holder movie for Thanksgiving weekend was back in 2013.  Any guesses?

Yes, it was Frozen.

And I am guessing on that Thanksgiving weekend in 2013, there was a great amount of popcorn being eaten.

If you are going to the movies this weekend – enjoy, have fun and eat some popcorn!

Oh, I almost forgot, there is also a popcorn song –

Moving Day

From wikipedia.org –



Moving Day is a 1936 American animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by United Artists. The cartoon, set during the contemporary Great Depression, follows the antics of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy as they frantically pack their belongings after being dispossessed from their home. The film was directed by Ben Sharpsteen and includes the voices of Walt Disney as Mickey, Clarence Nash as Donald, Pinto Colvig as Goofy, and Billy Bletcher as Pete as the Sheriff.

Today is moving day 2016!

2 months ago, Gary and I moved from Dallas, Texas to Pensacola, Florida.  The reason to move to our current location was specifically for my healthcare.  20160805_083743As you know we are living in an RV park on the Naval Air Station in Pensacola and now will need to leave for a couple of weeks.  The policy for this park is after 3 months here, you must leave for at least 2 weeks before you can return.

Due to my schedule with chemotherapy, the upcoming holidays and the possibility of an upcoming surgery; Gary and I decided we would stay for 2 months, leave and stay in a nearby RV park for 2 weeks and then come back here at our current location for the following 3 months.

A minor inconvenience for now because Gary and I have become a little complacent.  We have settled into our new living arrangement and lifestyle and we like it very much.  But the reality is we have to move away for a couple of weeks and this is ultimately a good thing.  image2We need to practice our packing and strapping down items; we need to practice hitching the 5th wheel to the truck and we need to practice driving and towing the 5th wheel.

So the temporary move is an opportunity to practice and an opportunity to accept change.  The new temporary location is another military RV park about 10 miles from our current location, just on the Alabama and Florida state border.  The location is still near the hospitals I visit for my health needs and provides many trails for walking.  It is also located on the beach, though I do not consider the view as nice as the current one here in the current location.

These past 2 months, Gary and I have met many wonderful people that we now consider friends here in the RV park.  image3Like us, some of them are staying here long term and also will have to move for the required 2 weeks.  They also plan to make their way to the same RV park as us and it will be nice to know these new friends will be there.

So unlike the moving day of 2 months ago, this is an easy one; no downsizing and much less packing is involved.

The End

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.

The End –

As the storyline proceeds, there are no longer mysteries.  Their lives once again had crossed and this time these lives will come together as one.  For the mysterious ones would be revealed to all who watched and listened to the pentagonal showings.  Their lives will continue with love as the foundation and through turmoil & tribulations they will succeed in creating a life for those that would follow.  These 2 mysterious ones whose lives were separate are now one; always bonded and never to be broken.

The End

A word from Terry –

These pictures are Gary’s parents taken at different times in their lives.

Gary’s father is now gone from this world, and I only had the opportunity to be in his company twice.  From the memories of Gary and his family and the short time I knew him; he was an extremely patient, funny and easy-going man.  A son, a brother, a husband, a father, a respected man.  He is missed and now a memory, but he is not forgotten.

Gary’s mother is currently living with her youngest child.  She is 93 and suffers from Dementia.  If you have time, please read these post I wrote about her:  ‘My Mother In-Law Teacher‘, ‘…hold back the tears in my eyes‘, ‘Dementia: It’s Been A Long Road‘, ‘My Mother In-Law’s Library‘.

13 & Counting

This post I originally planned for yesterday!  Yesterday morning I choose to publish my post ‘it touched me‘, because I felt it necessary that post was read yesterday.

This post’s significance is a little less than if it were posted yesterday – but I am posted it today anyway.

Pretend it is yesterday –

Today is the 13th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

Okay this is interesting – the 13th month of my blog falling on the 13th day of the month!

mentalfloss.com article ‘13 Reasons People Think the Number 13 is Unlucky‘, includes the following –

There were 13 people at the Last Supper. It’s said that Judas Iscariot — the one who betrayed Jesus — was the 13th man to take his place at the table.

Apollo 13 is the only unsuccessful moon mission (intended to get men on the moon, anyway) thus far. An oxygen tank exploded and the survival of the astronauts on board was pretty touch-and-go for several days, but they did all come home safely in the end (but you already knew that).

Kids officially become teenagers at the age of 13, and we all know that’s a scary phase.

In numerology, the number 12 is considered to be the representation of perfection and completion. It stands to reason, then, that trying to improve upon perfection by adding a digit is a very bad idea indeed — your greed will be rewarded with bad luck.

Friday, October 13, 1972, was a bad day in the history of aviation. That’s the day that Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 infamously crashed in the Andes, killing 29 people. On the exact same day, 174 people were killed when a Soviet Aeroflot crashed in a lake about a kilometer from the runway.

You can click the above title link to find the rest of the list, if you are interested.

I personally think there is nothing bad about the number 13.  But then I started thinking about replacing other numbers with 13 and maybe it is bad number.  For instance –

In 1973, a single topped at #2 on the music charts ‘The Twelfth Of Never’, and includes the following lyrics –

I’ll love you ’til the poets run outta rhyme

Until the “Twelfth of Never”

And that’s a long, long time

Until the “Twelfth of Never”

And that’s a long, long time

I guess using the lyric ‘Until the “Thirteenth of Never”,’ well just does not have the same meaning.

In 1983, a movie premiered ‘3 Men and a Baby’, well ’13 Men and a Baby’ would be weird and creepy.


Image Provided by: en.wikipedia.org

The television show ‘2 Broke Girls’ is presently a popular show, I do not believe ‘13 Broke Girls’, would be as popular.


Image Provided by: http://www.cbs.com

Then there is the book ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, what about ‘A Tale of Thirteen Cities’, no I do not think so.


Image Provided by: scientific-journals.eu

Okay, 13 may not work in many titles, but I think it works fine for the title of this post.

Today is the 13th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

Real Neat Blog Award

Very cool – I was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by my friend laurel over at myjourneyintodarkness.

She has a very interesting blog that displays the following ‘This is the story of a life wasted on a lying, cheating, disease-giving, narcissistic husband.’

Please go visit her blog, you will not be disappointed.

Real Neat Blog Award


  1. Put the award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate any number of bloggers you like.
  4. Let them know you nominated them.
  5. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
Real Neat Blog Award Border

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  1. What is the strangest, most unexplainable thing that has ever happened to you?

Years ago I was taking a nap and woke up in a corn field in Kansas!  Seriously, many people say I am strange therefore unexplainable. 

  1. A candy bar or a doughnut?

Oh a candy bar – chocolate, peanut butter – you know like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

  1. Would you give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a homeless person?

Absolutely yes!  To help save another person’s life would be an honor for me.

  1. What movie could you watch over and over?

The Sound of Music

  1. What is something that would be almost impossible for you to give up?

This was a tough question for me to answer, because I feel I could give up any and everything that is a possession.  I did like to smoke and I gave that up and I do like to drink, and that would be difficult to give up.  So, I would have to say something that is important that I take for granted each and every day.  Okay, I know, because of my recent health issue – it would be almost impossible for me to give up my bladder.  But, one day I may have to. 

  1. What is the worst punishment you suffered as a child?

My form of punishment was a ping pong paddle! 

  1. When was the last time you lied and to whom?  (I hope it wasn’t me.)

Umm, I really do not lie.  I am a very honest person which is not necessarily a good trait. 

Real Neat Blog Award Border

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1.What did you do on your last vacation?

2.If you opened a business, what kind would it be?

3.Water skiing or snow skiing?

4.Sunset or Sunrise – why?

5.If you could have an answer to one question about your future – what question would that be?

6.What is the best app you have on your smartphone?

7.If you were reincarnated as a fruit – which one would it be?

Real Neat Blog Award Border

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NOMINEES: (you are not obligated to accept – no pressure)

Cheryl over at Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser

Chevvy over at Chevvy’s Studio

Paula over at Never A Dull Bling

Paula over at sanseilife

Sarah over at Secret Art Expedition

The Good Drunk – another round for all

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.


The Good Drunk – another round for all –

Bar Scene1

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Is she a drunk?  That eye, that smile, they do tell the story of who she really is.  Could she be a mama, looking for her son?  Or maybe she is sober and searching for something or someone.

The bar continues with the usual; the drinking, the laughing, the music playing, but what happened and where is she, and what about the patron next to her?

The next scene is one of her and the eye and the smile.  She sits and laughs about the incident as she recalls the patron next to her would again shock her.  The future that was once in the past is now the present.  The shock from her accident and to her eye were minimal compared to the shock of the mysterious one’s return.  Was he back in her life again after so many years?  Her sadness of years ago seemed to be dissipated and overcome by joy.  The joy of the memory of him in her life is overwhelming and the shock suddenly fades away.  The patron that day, the elbow was his, the man of many years ago that left in the shadows of the damp dim light

The mysterious woman, the mysterious man – they were both back into the scene together once again.  The lights fade and the credits are listed as the musical score reaches its peak, the crowd is happy once again.

Somewhere Out There

Who remembers the movie ‘An American Tail’?

This is an animated movie that was release 30 years ago back in 1986.  Here is the storyline per imdb.com –

Fievel is a young Russian mouse separated from his parents on the way to America, a land they think is without cats. When he arrives alone in the New World, he keeps up hope, searching for his family, making new friends, and running and dodging the cats he thought he’d be rid off.

The popular song that came from this movie is titled ‘Somewhere Out There’.  Per wikia.com

Somewhere Out There is a song that Fievel and Tanya both sing one night while Fievel is lost in New York City, neither knowing that the other is also singing the song. Fievel sings because he knows his family is out there and he wants to find them, and Tanya sings because she refuses to believe that Fievel is dead.

So these mice are in 2 different locations and singing the same song.  They know the other is somewhere out there.

I think of this song every time I am on WP and responding to a comment on my blog or leaving a comment on your blog and instantly, or rather quickly I get a response back.  Sometimes you and I are online at the same time, viewing each other’s blogs or seeing each other’s comments and responding back.  We are under the same big sky singing the same song in different locations.  How cool is that!

Some lyrics from the song ‘Somewhere Out There’ –

Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moon light

It helps to think we might be wishing, on the same bright star

It helps to think we’re sleeping, underneath the same big sky

I think of the lyrics every time I am on WP and responding to a comment on my blog or leaving a comment on your blog and instantly, or rather quickly I get a response back.

It is nice to know, we here on WP are underneath the same big sky.

It is nice to know; we might be wishing on the same bright star.

It is nice to know we are beneath the pale moon light.

It is nice to know you are somewhere out there.

Meet Roxy

Some of you know Gary and I have a dog and her name is Roxy.  I wrote a post last year about her ‘My Dog Likes Me Better Now She Is Unable To Hear Me‘, where I wrote the following –

A couple of months ago while visiting family she unexpectedly ran into the street and was hit by a car.  With her being a short dog and the car being a higher level SUV, she was very lucky and only sustained a concussion.  After some recovery, she is herself again except for occasionally losing her balance when she is excited and the loss of her hearing.  She can hear us clapping our hands when we want her attention, but that is about it.

In today’s post, I write the following –

I wanted to introduce Roxy to you today.  You will most likely see more of her in the future as she will be going on our travel adventure across the US.

Meet Roxy –

The Film Noir Star ‘prendre deux’

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.


Image Provided by spearfruit.com

The Film Noir Star ‘prendre deux’ –


Image Provided by worldwidenoir.info

Is he a Mirage?  Or what about the secret agent?  The dark figure, the touch on her shoulder, his response; what is their story?  Is this a movie?  Could he be Zorro?  Or what about the hair stylist?  Maybe he is her father!  Or maybe, hopefully he is her long lost lover.

The next title is displayed and the beginning of the next scene appears with him walking away in the shadows of the damp dim light.  But what about her?  What was left with her that will be a reminder of him and his presence?  Will she continue to wander in sadness of this recent encounter and will their story continue?  But the reunion was short lived and his leaving was again quick and abrupt.  The sadness of their story will continue as he moves mysteriously in the future to another story and another time.

She on the other hand will move on to the next shot, the clap of the cut action is heard and her scene is waiting for the future reel.  But he is gone and the future is still unknown, but the past has been written and the present time reveals him, the mysterious one departing and her, yet to make her entrance out of the shadows.