Argent Match

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Argent Match –

The chief meteorologist did not predict it, and the general population was surprised and alarmed.  The forecast was for clouds and rain and possible thunderstorms.  No one saw it coming and that day would be different from all others.  That day the method of forecasting the weather would change.

It started as an ordinary day and the forecast was the usual for that time of the year.  History was to dictate the day and all evidence was present – there were no questions.  The forecast was in place and the expectations set.

The day started as usual and expectations were met and the clouds gather in a mass of unknown certainty.  Then the change started and the meteorologists and others started their different views for the green sky.  The change in color was swift and the anecdotal signs could not be dispelled.

The weather preceded with the usual flare and burst of electrical fierceness and the skies began the outpouring of hail beyond believe.  Shelter of the unknowing was sought and upon the conclusion of the widest day in weather history, the result of unexpectant was viewed.

The ground was covered with the rare occurrence and history was made.  The argent match was equal to none – the population was surprised and alarmed.

Exposing Me – it is me

I wrote in my post ‘to expose me‘, the following –

Now over 8 months later I have realized fellow bloggers are supportive of me and have welcomed me with open arms and appreciate my writings.  Because of this I decided to expose myself, my identity, to you my fellow bloggers.  But a course I am not doing it all in one post, I still have 3 months to write a post a day.

So I will write a series of posts to expose me – my identity to you and the blogger world.

It Is Me – Terry


Who is spearfruit?  Or maybe the question is what is spearfruit?


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It is kind of an odd name for a blog, don’t you think?  It makes perfect sense to me; well that is because I thought of it – I came up with the name.

So to answer the above questions; you know who spearfruit is – it is me – it is Terry.  But what about the question; what is spearfruit?

Here is my thinking when it came to my blog name ‘spearfruit’.  Prior to retiring I worked for many years in the Information Technology industry.  Some of those people are kind of nerdy and think very much outside the box – you have to – to be creative.  Our society gives no second thought to the names ‘Google’, ‘Apple’, ‘Android’, ‘Adobe’, ‘Yahoo’, ‘Amazon’, ‘Yelp’ and the list goes on.  Our society gives no second thought to the names ‘Atari’, ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Dr. Pepper’, ‘Sega’, ‘Sprint’, ‘Starbucks’, and the list goes on.  Information Technology apps, software, everything that runs on computers and smartphones and many other devices have to be upgraded with fixes and improvements. These upgrades for some companies will have names associated to them.  If you have an Android device, your latest release of that operating system is either ‘Lollipop’ or ‘Marshmallow’.  The latest Apple operating system upgrade is ‘El Capitan’.

These names may sound odd to most people, but not to me.  So, spearfruit is not odd to me either.


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In 5 days, I will be publishing a post to introduce my husband to you.  The name spearfruit was created by me and relates to him.  I have a pet name for him; no, it is not spearfruit; but spearfruit is the name that came from his pet name.

Here are some hints – see if in the next 5 days you can figure it out:

Breakdown my blog name into 2 words

Find the meaning or history or definition of 1 of those words

For the other word, find the surname that is associated to it

Once you have figured this out, you have found the pet name for my husband.  If you are unable to figure it out – that’s okay, I will reveal it to you in 5 days.

Good luck my friends!

to expose me – my voice

I wrote in my post ‘to expose me‘, the following –

Now over 8 months later I have realized fellow bloggers are supportive of me and have welcomed me with open arms and appreciate my writings.  Because of this I decided to expose myself, my identity, to you my fellow bloggers.  But a course I am not doing it all in one post, I still have 3 months to write a post a day.

So I will write a series of posts to expose me – my identity to you and the blogger world.

In today’s post I write the following –

In past years I have documented my thoughts at different times throughout my life by writing them down and by voice recording.  For no particular reason, I usually did not continue the documentation; but these documented thoughts are fragments of my life, that are being brought together here on my blog.  Back in 2009, I made a voice recording where I speak about where I am in my life at that time.  I have a need to write a book, to write about my life, my struggles from years ago and those that continue to exist today.

Here is an excerpt from that voice recording from 2009, several months after my 49th birthday.  This voice recording is part of my ‘to expose me’ series; this is me – my voice –

HS Memories – fads & fashions

In my post ‘The ball is rolling’, I wrote the following –

As you know, several garage sales took place last year and additional ones are on the calendar for March.  With downsizing from a 3,800 sq. ft. home to a smaller one comes downsizing furniture and possessions.

In today’s post I write the following –

Part of the downsizing taking place is opening boxes in our upstairs storage and going through possessions of long ago.  Some of these possessions I have not viewed in many, many years.  Some items will need to be discarded, as they hold no value as a keepsake.  Other items will be kept a little longer until another day arrives that I will need to find a home for them, whether that be giving to my sons or the trash.  I realize it is difficult to just throw items and memories of long ago away, but not everything can be kept forever.

One item I came across was a book titled ‘memories’, I received specially for my high school senior year to record ideas, impressions, opinions, thoughts and comments.  This book includes personal data; including my senior picture, high school data, senior class data, class schedule, faculty information, clubs – activities – organizations; you get the idea.

I graduated high school in 1979 at the age of 19.  I married my high school sweetheart at age 18, therefore I was married my senior year of high school.

One of the pages in this ‘memories’ book is titled ‘fads and fashions’; I thought I would share with you what I wrote my senior year of high school about the fads and fashions  during my high school years 1976 – 1979.

Some of the latest fashions are for guys, mostly blue jeans and a regular t-shirt.  Many people wear terry cloth shirts.  Many people do not wear belts when they wear a tucked in shirt.  During the warm months many people wear thongs (this would be flip-flops – not underwear).  Girls wear very nice clothes; their dresses come a little below their knees, and they wear high spiked heel shoes.  There are many different hair styles.  There are a lot of people wearing their hair in a fro.  It is all curly everywhere.  A lot of guys have their hair parted in the middle and feathered back on the sides.  There are many girls who wear their hair like this also.

When I viewed my high school year book – what I described in my previous paragraph seem to be accurate.  Honestly I could not find images on the web that best fit this.  Instead here are similar images from the 1970s –


Image Provided by


Image2 Image Provided by


Image Provided by:


Interesting how the clothes and hair styles have changed over the years and how some of these styles are making a little comeback in today’s society.

In the future I will post about a few other odds & ends.


to expose me: my body

I wrote in my post ‘to expose me‘, the following –

Now over 8 months later I have realized fellow bloggers are supportive of me and have welcomed me with open arms and appreciate my writings.  Because of this I decided to expose myself, my identity, to you my fellow bloggers.  But a course I am not doing it all in one post, I still have 3 months to write a post a day.

So I will write a series of posts to expose me – my identity to you and the blogger world.

In today’s post I write the following –

Um, what can I write about my body that you do not know or want to know about.  You know that I am a man, so that gives you information about me.  You know about my hands and feet and wrinkles and gray hair.  You know I had a tumor on my bladder.  What else is there to know about my body?

My Body Image1

Image provided by:

My body has survived decades of abuse from alcohol, smoking, tanning, eating bad foods and a few other bad habits in my young adult life that I no longer do.  My body has survived physical self-abuse by literally using a belt with repeated hitting on my body; usually the back, chest, neck and face.  My body has survived the downing of countless pills for both survival and attempted death.

My body; it is a complex, integrated and complicated piece of work.  Just thinking about how we think is amazing, really think about that for a minute.  There were past times I abused my body, literally and figuratively and today there is some abuse taking place as I still consume alcohol and I tan and I eat some bad foods.  There were past times I took very good care of my body by eating healthy, exercising, not drinking alcohol and not smoking.  Today I try to eat healthy; let’s say half the time I do; I continue to exercise although not to the extreme I once did and the drinking alcohol continues but the smoking has stopped.

I like my body; it is good to me – even though I have not always been good to it.

There are times my body is mistreated – there are times my body is treated well.

My Body Image2

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This complex, integrated and complicated machine that is my body continues to function after all these years.  55 years this amazing machine has brought me from a baby to a middle aged man.  How far into the future will it continue to function and work to continue to provide me that which is life?

Jigsaw Puzzle

For my post ‘that kiss‘, fellow blogger Osyth wrote the following comment –

That is a very powerful and provocative post. I have read much about the power of kisses. This bears out what I have understood that the kiss is the intimicy that crosses the line. I will make some time to catch up on your story this weekend so that I can contexualise better and understand more of your personal jigsaw. Thank you. Thank you for sharing this. It is highly and deeply moving.

I responded with the following comment –

And thank you for reading and commenting. Interesting using the word ‘jigsaw’, I quite like that word! Have a great weekend my friend!

I was thinking about Osyth’s comment and her wanting to understand more of my personal jigsaw.  I was thinking about my personal jigsaw puzzle, what is the end result once all the pieces are in place? has the following information about jigsaw puzzle –

A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces. Each piece usually has a small part of a picture on it; when complete, a jigsaw puzzle produces a complete picture.


Image Provided by:

Hum, sounds like life, doesn’t it?

A puzzle of oddly shaped pieces, that when completed will produce a picture.  What will my picture be when all those interlocking and tessellating pieces are finally put together?

Will my picture be one that displays turmoil, destruction or disappointment?  Will my picture be one that displays tranquil, creation or achievement? jigsaw puzzle definition also includes the following –

Typical images found on jigsaw puzzles that also include scenes from nature, buildings, and repetitive designs. Castles and mountains are two traditional subjects.

If my jigsaw was a typical image it would be from nature, castles and mountains.

I am nature; born from the love of my parents.  I am castle; built strong for use as a fortress.  I am mountain; reaching a high peak amongst the low valleys.

Through my life, the puzzle pieces were separated and yet to be put together.  As the pieces began to be put in place, the image started to form.  Many years later after the turmoil, destruction and disappointment, the pieces of tranquil, creation and achievement took their place in the jigsaw puzzle that would become me.

My hope when my life is over and my jigsaw puzzle is completed, the image is beautiful, breathtaking, magnificent and all inspiring.  Not because that is who I was, but because that is who I became.


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Relationship Built on Commitment

In my post ‘Oh Too Many Relationships‘, I wrote the following –

These other people in my life at that time lied to me, belittled me and cheated on me.  My insecurities grew, my self-esteem lowered and I became controlling in that I had to know what the other person was doing all the time, so that I may feel and know they are being true.  I expected the phone calls and I expected a full time relationship – I expected the relationship to be a priority.

With the insecurities, the low self-esteem, the controlling brought weakness, fear and jealousy.

In my post ‘Love Emails‘, I ended with the following –

Like school kids passing love notes in class, the emails were filled with words of excitement, joy and happiness to the new person that had entered into their lives.  Is it difficult for you to understand that yes, two men can love one another, can bring happiness and joy to one another and continue lives together as a couple as a unit and as a family.

Loves in the air –

In today’s post, I write the following –

We moved in together a little over 6 months after meeting.  It was Halloween the day the papers were signed on the new house we would call home for the next 13+ years.  He had never been in a long term relationship and me taking several years off; we were ready to start our lives together.  There were some difficulties with starting the new relationship; having only known each other for 6 months, did we really know each other?

Though my last relationship ended 3 years earlier, I continued to have my insecurities which resulted in the weakness, fear and jealousy.

My then partner worked 7 days on, and then was off for 7 days.  Just moving into our new home, and him bringing many household items, meant he was preparing the home – while I was working.  I became jealous feeling left out and unimportant.  I begin to question the relationship; am I being taken advantage of?  This happened in the past, will it happen again?  Will he hurt me?  I need to give him the opportunity to show me how much he cares.

The anxiety grew and the emotions became overwhelming at times.  Was I losing control again of myself; my thoughts and emotions?  All the years of depression and despair scare me; will they come back again?  Will I live up to his expectations, what if he cheats on me like the others did?  I do not want to feel that pain again.  Feelings of rejection, of insignificance, that somehow I am responsible for other’s actions because of my inadequacies.

The first several months and into the next year, struggles would take place and communication skills would improve.  Over the years I gained trust and discovered a genuine man, who loves me for who I am.

Has this relationship developed into a perfect relationship – no – but it is one built on commitment – built on love – for the rest of our lives together.



Why Move Now

In my post ‘Blog Site, Posts & Life Transitions‘, I wrote the following –

My partner and I are retired and looking to move forward which includes a physical move from our current location. This idea of a move is not new and has always been in our future plans; the future came several years earlier than we expected which resulted in us living in limbo for some time now.


Image Provided by: Life Is Precious on Pinterest

We have in the past years visited other countries and other states within the US to investigate and seek out that next location for us.  With many variables in play we may have ruled some locations as a ‘no-go’ and others as a possibility.  The next 6 months several additional trips will take place in hopes for finding the location for us.  The next location will take us into the next chapter of our lives, one that will be different from the current chapter.  We are looking forward to moving on to this next chapter in our lives.

Today’s post, I write the following –

As some of you know, the new location was found and activities are taking place to downsize and prepare for the upcoming selling of the current home and moving to the new location.  In the past month this current home appears bigger; some furniture has been sold, pictures were removed from the walls ready to be packed and some decluttering has taken place.  Then there are closets that actually have nothing in them for the first time in years.  Where did all the stuff go?  There were those garage sales last year – you can read about those in these posts ‘Gremlins and their ‘stuff’‘, ‘Selling Gremlin’s Stuff’, and ‘The Christmas Stuff Garage Sale’.

More items are gathered and ready for the next garage sale taking place in a couple of weeks.  There is also some maintenance taking place.  Some closets are brighter due to being repainted, some other minor home repairs are taken place and with the warmer weather right around the corner; soon the outside gardens will be bright again with colorful flowers.  In 3 weeks, our realtor will be visiting us for paperwork signing and the discussing of preparations for the big day when the home goes on the market.

My husband and I are very ready to move on – we have been in a rut for some time now and this change is needed for both of us.


Image Provided by:

There are a few decisions to be made concerning the next living situation, but the location is finalized and so our excitement grows every day as we get closer to the list date of our current home.

In our next location, we look forward to exploring more and to be excited about life once again.  We are ready to leave this current chapter and start the new one.  We would like to travel more, meet new friends, and become healthier and just live life again.

Why Move Now – living life is waiting for us!


Hot Weather w/no Clothes

I like summer – what season do you like?

I currently live in the southern United States and soon will be moving to another state in the southern United States.

As you may know, my husband and I are planning a move this year to another location to start the next chapter in our lives.  In the near future I will reveal to you where I am currently living and where I am moving to.  I like warm weather, no let me rephrase that; I love hot weather.  I am not a cold weather person, and for you folks that live in a colder climate in the winter, I praise you – I would not be able to do it.  For me, the hotter the better; 100+ temperatures I can deal with!

My current location temperature from November – March averages 45 to 68 degrees.  The next location temperature from November – March averages 52 – 72 degrees.  Yes, I realize there is not much difference in these averages, but the current location receives more ‘cold fronts’ than the next location.

Okay, let me do some whining here.  When the temperatures fall in the 40s, my feet get cold.  I do not like cold feet.  Yes, I could wear 2 pairs of socks, which I have – but I do not want to.  You see I am that person who likes to wear the least amount of clothes as possible.  I really do not like to wear clothes; less is better for me.  When it is hot, I can strip the clothes off, but when it is cold, I dislike putting more clothes on.

As I started writing the post about liking warm weather and then moving on to clothes it got me thinking about the evolution of clothes.  You are welcome to read an interesting article from the website titled ‘When People Started Wearing Clothes’.

Another interesting article titled ‘Why Do People Wear Clothes’ from includes the following reasons we wear clothes –

To Cover Parts of Our Body (Yes, I understand the reason for wanting to cover parts of our bodies, but then again some clothing people wear today does not leave much for the imagination)

To Appear Beautiful (Yes, I understand the reason for wanting to look beautiful, but this is the least important thing I am concerned about)

To Make Identification Easier (Yes, I understand the reason for identification; police officers, firemen, doctors – this is all good)

For Protection (Yes, I understand the reason for protection from the cold, then again I hate cold, so this reason is unimportant to me, I want warm weather)

For Special Days and Events (Yes, I understand the reason for special days & events, but I usually do not ‘dress up’ for these occasions – that’s me – sorry folks)

I like summer – what season do you like?