red dots and double blue lines

Back in February in my post ‘Of course, … a course’, I wrote about occasionally making mistakes in my posts usual related to grammar errors.  I read, re-read and proof read my posts and still some grammar errors slip pass.  I have also used a correctly spelled word but used it incorrectly within a sentence.  For instance I found a few times after I published a post, I found an error in which I meant to use the word ‘life’, but instead I wrote ‘live’.

I write my posts in Microsoft Office Word therefore it will catch my spelling errors and I will correct those.


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As with the post written above mentioned grammar slipups and the occasionally incorrect used word, I am okay with my writing – because it is me.

I use the latest version of Microsoft Office Word; it is 2016 and is updated by Microsoft when they roll out their updates, usually once a month.  I recently noticed Word now provides me suggestions to my sentence structure.  It will use red dots under a combination of words to suggest I could use one word instead.  For instance when you read the last sentence of this post replace ‘have to’ with ‘must’ or ‘should’.  Word also uses double blue lines under words suggesting a comma should follow.  If you were to view my posts in Word, it appears I do not use enough commas in my sentences.  Yes I understand Word is trying to help.

Now for spell check – thank you, it is not that I necessarily do not know how to spell, it really is that my typing skills are not as they use to be.


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I loved the big keyboards and with my past laptops, I would have a wireless keyboard and mouse and would also have a big screen plugged in.  That was my usual way to work on my computer.  But remember, last year we downsized and now living in an RV, there is less space.  No big screen plugged into my laptop and no wireless big keyboard and mouse.  Now I work off my smaller laptop keyboard and touchscreen.  I like the touchscreen, that does make my life a bit easier, but the small keyboard, not so much.  I make more mistakes in my spelling because I am hitting the wrong key and yes sometimes I do incorrectly spell a word.  Once again, thank you Word for catching those.

Back to my red dots and double blue lines, does it really matter?


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Yes, I know some educators will tell me it does, but I am not a professional writer and am not writing for a professional outlet.  This is my personal blog, and I should be allowed to use words that come from me and not use commas where Word thinks I should use them.  If I updated the word suggestions and used all those commas, I feel it would take away from me, my personality and my writing.

I guess I just have to get use to seeing more red dots and double blue lines.

Quite – Quiet

In my post ‘Of course, … a course‘, I wrote the following –

At times my brain sees and reads something different than what I write.  In past posts, I write about my learning disabilities as a child, my internal struggles with myself; it is all here on my blog somewhere.  I make mistakes, I have shortcomings, and I am no expert at writing.

In today’s post, I write the following –

Ages ago when I was in 7th or 8th grade, I remember taking a typing class.  Who remembers typewriters?


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I have no memory of when the last time I saw a real typewriter.  Do they even exist anymore?

I was very good at typing and could type over a 100 words per minute with very few if no mistakes.  Remember typewriters had no autocorrect and if you did make a mistake, there was always whiteout.  Who remembers whiteout?


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As I grew older and left the typewriter for a computer keyboard, my typing skills increased and others would be impressed with my abilities on a keyboard.  I would type away pounding on the keyboard as I was always a hard hitter on the keys; therefore, I had to replace many keyboards.

I had and still have a little bit of dyslexia.  At times when typing, when I want to use a certain word, the fingers on the keyboard often times will reverse letters or totally switch the order of letters.  Now that I am older this occurs more times than I like, but I correct my mistakes and move on.  The good thing about computers is I do not have to use whiteout.  So much easier to correct and less of a mess.  Plus, the bottle of whiteout would dry out too quick and it would have to be thrown away before the full bottle was used.

So, what does Quite and Quiet have to do with this post?

I quite often make mistakes when typing now, but usually catch them: sometimes I don’t, but usually I do.

I need quiet time to write my posts, because along with my dyslexia and other learning disabilities, I am unable to concentrate when there is noise, it distracts me.


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I also quiet often will make mistakes when there is noise around me, I need my surroundings to be quite.

Did you catch that?

I did that on purpose this time – because this occurs often.

I am thankful my computer will help me correct mistakes and I do not have to use whiteout.

The day’s end

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.


The day’s end –

At the sun’s set and the water’s calm.

A solitude of sorts was making its way amongst those and their efforts.

For the day’s end is fast approaching and another night fall will be upon them.

The results of the day’s events would be appreciated as their efforts would not be in vain.

At the sun’s set and the water’s calm.

They would retire and withdraw their crafts and rest before returning for another day.

Of course, … a course

Of course, I will take a course of action.

Of course, the man took a course in learning the new skill.

Of course, many runners ran a course along the street.

Sunshine Blogger Award Border

I admit I was a poor student in school many years ago; honestly, I barely graduated high school and I did not attend college.  I had no interest in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, well you get the idea.  The only subject I excelled in was Band – I was excellent in this subject.

Years later into my adulthood, I would start learning and applying myself to new subjects, topics and ideas.  It was my 30’s and I started to become interested in improving myself and took interest in areas that in my school years I just did not want to comprehend.

Today in my mid 50’s, I still am not an expert at anything, and consider myself above average on subjects taught in school those many years ago.  Since starting this blog 20 months ago, I have written a post every day.  Most my posts are written from my heart, soul and the words flow to written form.  I certainly am not the greatest speaker, well you know that – you have watched and heard many of my videos; so, my writing is not always the best and I know at times I have used grammar incorrectly.

It pleases me that no one corrects me – thank you.

Sunshine Blogger Award Border

The posts I write, I read and re-read and proof read before publishing them on WP.  Once published, I read and re-read them again.  I say to myself I have written and published another great post, right?”  Well yes, the post itself could be considered great or good or at lease decent.  But what about the grammar?  Okay, after reading, re-reading, proofing, then reading and re-reading; darn it – I made a mistake.  I hate that, how did that happen?

At times my brain sees and reads something different than what I write.  In past posts, I write about my learning disabilities as a child, my internal struggles with myself; it is all here on my blog somewhere.  I make mistakes, I have shortcomings, and I am no expert at writing.

But I learn and I grow because, at this time in my life I am interested in learning; back in school many years ago, I was not.

What does Of course, … a course have to do with me learning and growing?  I wrote a post back in November; I read and re-read and proof read before publishing and once published, I read and re-read again.  My brain saw and read what it wanted to see other than what I wrote.

Sunshine Blogger Award Border

Almost 2 months later, I read the post again; darn it – I made a mistake.  Did any of you catch it?  If you did, no one corrected me – thank you.

I want to correct it today.

The original words –

I respond “Well, Thackerville is in Oklahoma which is a course North of Texas.

The corrected words –

I respond “Well, Thackerville is in Oklahoma which is of course North of Texas.

Or I guess I could have written it this way –

I respond “Well, Thackerville is in Oklahoma which of course, is a course I have driven many times North of Texas.


This past Monday, I had surgery.  Prior to the surgery, when I scheduled my posts for this week, I had no idea how my recovery would be going.  I felt I would need all week for some recovery before I would post about my status.  My plan is to update you on how I am feeling and the status of my recovery in the next few days.

For today,

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.


Thimblerig –

The day had come for the big Thimblerig tournament and the participants were prepared for most anything.  The peas, small balls, shells, cups and bottle caps were brought with excitement as the contestants eagerly awaited their turn.  There was that one that always has something different and to the amazement of the other participants and audience, that something different would surprise them all.

That something different had them laying down their money for a return in profit to retire them all.

It was that one’s turn and the time had arrived that no one saw coming.

There was no sleight of hand or psychological tricks; only skill, mastery and a large crane.

The game ended and the swindle was cracked open wide with the “Sharp” moving quickly on to find new “Flats”.

The profit was no more and the crowd was stunned.


I will be in ICU for a couple of days and then the recovery begins.  

I appreciate everyone taking the time to stop by, read and leave many wonderful comments.  Due to my surgery and not knowing how I will be feeling; I am disabling the comments on my post today.  I need a few days of recovery and to grow accustom to the new me.  But know soon I will have comments enabled and I will be ready to respond to each one of them. 

19: with first words

Today is the 19th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.


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I am on a cruise ship today somewhere in the Eastern Caribbean.

I decided to take my age 56 and subtract 19 (the anniversary month of my blog) and that equals 37.  I then took my age 56 and added 19 (the anniversary month of my blog) and that equals 75.

I then took 37 and added 75 and that equals 112.  I then took 112 and subtracted 19 (the anniversary month of my blog) and that equals 93.

I then went back to my 93rd post and picked the following corresponding numbered words –

19 (the anniversary month of my blog) – time

37 (my age subtracting the anniversary month of my blog) – in

56 (my age) – I

75 (my age adding the anniversary month of my blog) – a

93 (37 adding 75 subtracting 19) – specific

112 (37 adding 75) – before

Create a poem using the above words as the first word of each line –

Time has come.

In the weeks, ahead.

I will reveal.

A future once unforeseen.

Specific with previous uncertainties.

Before, but now with clarity.


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Today is the 19th month of my blog!  My anniversary post is something different than the usual posts I write.

How will my story be written?

In my post ‘What do I want to leave when I am gone? ‘, I ended with the following –

Maybe this blog and maybe someday that book will be available to them to read and maybe, just maybe they will learn something from me.

What do I want to leave when I am gone?


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In today’s post I start with the following –

How will my story be written?

Well I guess my story is being written through this blog.  My writings come from my heart, my soul and yes my brain as the words are my own.  My words reflect my life; my life is reflected on this blog.

Do you remember what I wrote on my ‘About Me’ page?  It may have been awhile since you read it.

From ‘About Me ’ –

This site was created to share my life; my life filled with failures, disappointments and successes. Why am I here? I live and do the same as others and I wonder why I am here? Starting this blog at age 55, I am nearer to death than I have ever been, but yet feel I have so much to accomplish and much more to experience.

In my 20s I had many years of therapy to deal with depression and of the many things I learned, one still stands out: there are many other people that are not much different than me.

Most of us have average lives, filled with disappointments and failures and through life we have issues to deal with due to events and other people and with ourselves. So, what makes my life more special than others? Well nothing really. The difference is this is my life that I am writing about.

I wrote these words little more than a year ago and they continue to be true today.  I believe I am starting to find the reason why I am here and I am starting to understand my meaning and my presences in this world.  I continue to believe I am no different from you and others in this world.  Sure we have different lives, different locations and different people in our lives, but we truly are not different.


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Our lives are filled with disappointments and failures as well as successes and wins.  I still believe we have average lives; average is not a bad word, it is a midway between good and evil, high and low, happy and sad.

Through my writings I have created an outline of my life; conversations, understandings, thoughts, feelings, offence, opinions, tears, laughter, joy and sadness.  I may have helped someone somehow with my writings; then again I am certainly helping myself with my writings.

My life is in me and on this blog; this is my story being written.

Will my story be forgotten?  Will anyone really care about my story?

How will my story be written?

This Blog, the next generation

In my post ‘Changing Focus‘, I wrote the following –

Some new subjects I plan to write about will be about Gary and my travel events.  We want to travel more and my hope is to write about the exciting locations we will be visiting.  I plan to also have a video blog; if you haven’t noticed, I have already added this category to the above menu with some related posts.  I also plan to post pictures with interesting stories associated to them.  I will continue ‘My 70’s Music Collection’ posts and I have a few other subjects that I hope will keep you coming back.


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In today’s post, I write the following –

This Friday will be my first year anniversary of blogging and the focus of my blog will change some.  I had the intention of taking a year to write about my past life and events that brought me from a young boy to a man a year ago when I began writing this blog.  The past life is wrapping up and starting my second year of blogging will be more about current day events.  You remember in my post ‘Spring Cleaning‘, I cleaned up my blog site and added categories that best fit my posts.  Within the next week there will be several new categories added to the existing ones.  These categories are ‘Travel Events’, ‘A Blast from the Past’ and ‘Pictures & Stories’.

My second year of blogging will mainly be about current day events.  These current day events will include our travels, explorations and adventures that we will have in our RV as we travel the United States.  Also in the current day events will be the everyday happenings; the ups, the downs, the boring, the excitement, the normal life stuff.  I will continue to post about my thoughts and feelings about life, living and me.  Be on the lookout for my ‘Video Logs’; they should be fun and interesting and may surprise you.  I am also planning a blog series where I take a picture and I will write a short story about it.  When I write, it is usually about the thoughts in my head and I just type them.  For my category ‘Pictures & Stories’ I want to take pictures and be creative and write fictional stories about them.

My hope is to write posts of interests and events, thoughts, stories, adventures and ideas.

I look forward to changes in my writing and in my life.  I look forward to this blog, the next generation.  I hope you do as well!

My blog has no theme song, so instead I will use Star Trek TNG (that’s The Next Generation, for you non Trekkies)

It’s about you – not me

My words are my own and those are about me.

When I started my blog, my intention was to write about me and my life.  I have done so with honesty, at times reaching deeply inside to relive and remember emotions of long ago.

My honesty is from my heart and my soul and it is the truth as I see it.  I can be blunt, I can be direct, I can be resonating and I can be lighthearted.

I am a human with many different fluid aspects, that have changed over time and I have evolved over time and continue to do so.

My words are my own and those are about me.

These words in my posts are short images of events and experiences and thinking that take place in the past and in the present.

To read and to understand can be difficult at times.

To read and to formulate a thought is achieving a purpose on my part.

My words are my own and those are about me.

I write words with never intent to offend.

I write posts with never intent to upset.

Follow the whole me and not part of me; for one post does not describe me.

Follow the whole me and not reject what I have to say: for I have reasons, I have motives.

My words are my own and those are about me.

Your thoughts, your comments are important to me.

Your energy, your friendship brings wonders to me.

Welcome me, read my words, trust me, but you do not have to understand me.

My words are my own and those are about me.

A couple of months ago, I received some comments from readers that bothered me some; they affected me, I was a little offended and I responded nicely and appropriately.  These feelings I have come from my insecurities; I want to be honest with myself and those that read my words.  I try not to write uncomfortable words that offend or degrade or abuse others – that is not my purpose.

So after sometime thinking about those comments those words I read, I decided they were opinions and suggestions of others and not really about me.

Those comments, those words – It’s all about you – not me.

My words are my own and those are about me.

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